MetalOpt video instructions by Howard Goding

A Cut List Pic

This is additional features added to MetalOpt 6.1 and 6.2 along with accommodations for glazing data extraction with CADDtools Data Exchange. For more information about purchasing the MetalOpt program go to

1. Optimize multiple stock lengths at one time.
2. Select multiple spread sheets to Optimize at one time.
3. Added quick Optimize buttons.
4. Import and Export Glass data between MetalOpt and AutoCAD.
5. Create Excel CSV (Comma Separated Values) files for use with automatic stop saws.

Select Multiple Tabs

Less than 4 minutes

The first video demonstrates a few enhancements added to MetalOpt, such as allowing the user to select multiple tabs at one time and optimizing with one operation.

Since the introduction of the ribbon menu in Excel 2007 many customers do not like the additional steps required to execute the Cut list menu, (I admit I don't think the ribbon menu is an improvement) so I added a few buttons to quickly execute the Optimize, Linear Cut List and Stacked Cut List routines.

Note: You can select multiple tabs for Optimize, Optimize Multiple Stock Lengths and Export to CSV file. The Export to AutoCAD and Export Glass Tags to AutoCAD still automatically export all tabs to the left of the Master Fab Sheet.

Optimize Multiple Stock Lengths

Approximately 4 minutes

A big improvement I have wanted to add for many years is an (optimize multiple stock lengths) function. This operation will optimize up to six different stock length sizes at one time and display the results in a chart showing the stock length size, stock length quantity and scrap rate percentage.

Manipulate Glazing Data

Approximately 16 minutes

The next video shows the use of extracting glazing data from AutoCAD and importing the data into MetalOpt while combining common sizes. It then shows adding Tag information and exporting the glazing tags from MetalOpt to AutoCAD. For more information about purchasing MetalOpt go to

Create CSV file

Approximately 2 minutes

This video demonstrates how to export the fab sheet data into a excel CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. The CSV file can be used to work with your automatic saw stop programs along with creating labels to put on the material as it is cut. Since this is a new feature, it has only been tested with the FOM automatic saw stop system. MetalOpt has a custom fab sheet to accommodate the FOM features. If you have a saw stop system I would be happy to help you work with it.