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Here is a sample of what the MetalOpt 1D optimizer spread sheet can do wrapped up in an online version. Utilizing a basic algorithm, it will calculate the minimal material required for the project. You have two options, to optimize your material to get the number of stock lengths or optimize and produce a cut list.

Online optimizer instruction video

Free online version of MetalOpt

First enter or change some constants, like the material length to be supplied and saw blade thickness.

Measurement Form =
Select the measurement form you prefer. English unites or Metric.

Material (Extrusion) Name = optional
Enter the material name or number. An example aluminum extrusion number is E9-1215 or name is Mullion.

Material (Extrusion) Length = (required)
Enter the material length in the form of a Decimal. The default value of 288" is the typical stock length size of extruded architectural aluminum.

Saw Blade Thickness =
Enter the saw blade thickness. The default thickness is 3/16" and entered as 0.1875 decimal inch. Note the number can be zero (0) if you are shearing the material.

End Cut Dimension =
Enter an end cut dimension if you make a cut to square off the material. The default is zero (0). An example of an end cut would be 2 1/2" entered as 2.5 decimal inches. The optimizer will take off the dimension entered and does not include the saw blade thickness.

Next enter your material you want to cut from the stock lengths.

       Part Name    |     Length     |     Quantity
         (optional)        (required)         (required)
[1] | |

[2] | |

[3] | |

[4] | |

[5] | |

The following fields are optional and will show up on you printed page.

Project Name = optional

Company Name = optional

User Name = optional

E-mail = optional

See the full version of MetalOpt

Posted by HG on February 8, 2014

If you are looking for an optimizer to run more than five lengths then down load the MetalOpt 6.2 demo and give the full version a try with the sample project. The MetalOpt program utilizes an Excel spread sheet to optimize your material and can create two different types of cut lists. MetalOpt can interact with AutoCAD to export tag data and create CSV files to use with automatic saw stops or to create labels. Please feel free to comment on the blog page, it may get included in the next blog.

ASCE7-10 online Wind Load program

Posted by HG on April 21, 2013

Take a look at a web enabled wind load program to generate the design pressures for the components and cladding section in the ASCE7-10 building code and the 2010 Florida building code. You input your desired wind speed and mean roof height to get a chart of the design pressures at the default trib areas.

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